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Restoring durability and aesthetics of a Grade 2 listed building at a hospital. A local hospital has a historic building from the 20th century, facing the challenge of a deteriorating slate roof. The original slate tiles, though charming, had succumbed to weathering over the years. The client sought a comprehensive slate roof replacement to enhance both durability and aesthetics whilst preserving the historical character.


Our client expressed concerns about leaks, missing and damaged slates, and a decline in the visual appeal of the roof. Being passionate about maintaining architectural integrity, the hospital was keen to select a solution that combined traditional aesthetics with modern functionality. After a thorough assessment, our team recommended a complete slate roof replacement using high quality handcrafted slate tiles. A temporary roof was installed to allow work to continue during the winter months.


The slate roof replacement not only resolved the issues the client was facing but also with the meticulous matching of the slates meant the building retained its historical charm, creating a seamless transition between the old and new roof. This case study showcases Stoic’s commitment to preserving historical properties while incorporating modern roofing solutions. The successful project not only met the client’s expectations but also contributed to the longevity and visual allure of this historic building.

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