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We provide a comprehensive roof design service for all of our clients. This service allows us to meticulously plan and execute any roofing plan to meet every client’s specific needs. 


Our expertise covers all aspects of roof design, from survey to installation. We always guarantee a watertight and fully functional roof. Our design plans include intricate detailing, thermal efficiency, structural integrity, and adherence to BBA standards. Ensuring all plans comply with current British Standards. 


We will also coordinate with planning officers, listed building consent authorities, and conservation officers to ensure your roof complies with its surroundings and meets all planning / regulatory requirements. 


Right from concept through to completion, Stoic Roofing can handle any roofing project, offering support and guidance throughout the process to consultants and building owners. No roof design challenge is too complex for our team. Always ensuring a seamless and professional service tailored to your unique demands.

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