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Having over 70 years of combined industry experience, Stoic Roofing prides itself on being a roofing specialist. Experts in the installation of Flat Roofs, Pitched Roofs and Cladding. 



Great attention to detail and care is needed when designing and planning your flat roof installation. Stoic Roofing offers impartial and extensive design advice prior to undertaking any flat roofing project. This ensures the client is given the best possible outcome, with the longest available guarantee. 



Any roof slope over 10 degrees is considered a ‘pitched roof’. Many different types of pitched roof systems can be installed, from natural slate to clay tiles. Each brings its own look, feel and advantages. Being roofing experts, Stoic is qualified for all pitched roof installations from varying manufacturers. Previous work includes pitched roofing on residential homes through to large commercial units, and social housing frameworks in addition to experience roofing listed properties. 

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Qualified to undertake all types of cladding works and cladding replacement, whether that be vertical cladding or roof cladding. Stoic roofing is approved for the majority of cladding systems and can provide the most cost-effective and sustainable solution to your roof or building. Whether it be replacing roof lights, repairing leaking gutters or overhauling a profiled asbestos roof, Stoic can assist with your needs.



All of our operatives are trained in lead welding and bossing and can carry out a large range of lead roofing and detailing including lead roll ridge and hips, lead box gutters and decorative lead dormers. Lead can be an integral part of Listed and Heritage buildings, with quality being of the upmost importance. Stoic pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of workmanship to ensure your property is properly protected and adheres to our high-quality aesthetic standards.

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Stoic Roofing & Construction offers a full roof design service. This allows us to fully design any roofing system including all detailing, thermal requirements, structural integrity, BBA conformity and all to current British Standards. We can also liaise with planning officers, listed building consent and conservation officers to make sure your roof complies with its surroundings. There is no roof that Stoic cannot design and can assist consultants and building owners from conception through to completion.

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Stoic Roofing & Construction is always on hand, whether it be a commercial or residential roof repair. Our team are equipped to repair both flat and pitched roofs, get in touch today to organise your repair.

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