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Flat roofing has a higher proportion of failures than any other type of roof, and as such great attention and care is needed when designing and planning your flat roof solution. Stoic offer impartial and comprehensive design advice to help make sure that the client is given the best possible outcome with the longest available guarantee. We can install all types of flat roofing system allowing us to select the best one for your site.



A pitched roof is defined by any roof with a slope over 10 degrees. There are many different products that can be installed on a pitched roof, from natural slate to clay tiles, synthetic slates to concrete interlocking. Each has its own aesthetic look, feel and suitability for different degrees of slope, in different settings and with unique detailing and design requirements for each. Stoic Roofing appreciate the finer details and can install all types of pitched roof, ensuring the client gets the right finished products installed in the correct way. We have a large team of specialist installers around the country dedicated to their trade. We carry out pitched roofing works from individual houses all the way through to large commercial units and large-scale housing association frameworks. We have a long history of dealing with historic buildings, listed properties and conservation sites allowing us to work closely with conservation officers to make sure any re-roofing works fall in line with the project’s unique requirements.

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Stoic Roofing can undertake all types of cladding works, whether they be vertical cladding or roof cladding. Approved for numerous different systems, Stoic can provide the most cost effective and sustainable solution to your roof. Whether it be replacing roof lights, repairing leaking gutters or overhauling a profiled asbestos roof, Stoic can assist with your needs. Stoic appreciate that the most important element of a roofing project is often the continuity of the work inside the building. We work closely with our clients to ensure disruption, if any, is kept to the absolute minimum, allowing their businesses to continue with what they do best. Flexible working solutions including out of hours work, intelligent designs and close management means we can deliver the best possible solution for your needs.

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Stoic Roofing & Construction offer a full design service covered by our comprehensive PI Insurance. This allows us to fully design any roofing system including all detailing, thermal requirements, structural integrity, BBA conformity and all to current British Standards. We can also liaise with planning officers, listed building consent and conservation officers to make sure your roof complies with its surroundings. There is no roof that Stoic cannot design and can assist consultants and building owners from conception all the way through to completion.

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Stoic Roofing & Construction are involved in small or larger projects, we treat every job the same and Stoic Roofing & Construction will always take a proactive stance when giving advice, but appreciate that even with the best intentions, a reactive service is required.
Our Roof Asset Management Plan (RAMP) is our proactive roof maintenance program, which looks at maintaining roofs but also highlighting potential issues down the line, allowing you to manage your building needs accordingly.

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