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Fixing the Roof


From the initial roof survey to project completion and ongoing maintenance, our flat roofing installation team have the skills and experience needed to handle any flat roof.


Our team is trained to provide a comprehensive range of commercial flat roofing systems and solutions. With industry knowledge, extensive expertise, and a proven track record, Stoic Roofing & Construction is the leading choice for flat roof installations and repairs.


At Stoic Roofing & Construction we’re experienced in the green and sustainable roofing industry, having installed numerous green roofs across the country. As regulations continue to evolve and develop, sustainable roofing is becoming more prevalent not only for new builds but also for the repair and refurbishment of existing roofs.

Installing a green roof involves several technical considerations. The Stoic team are on hand to help advise you in selecting the best system for your roof. 

There are plenty of options available when selecting an environmental roof, including carbon-neutralising cap sheets and enhanced insulation levels, cut-to-fall schemes that prevent ponding water and reduce moss and debris buildup. 

We also have experience in Blue Roofs. This style of sustainable roof is designed to retain water and control runoff. Mostly beneficial in urban areas where drainage planning and controls are essential.

Contact, Stoic Roofing & Construction to help you achieve a sustainable, eco-friendly solution for your building. 


Reinforced Bituminous Membranes (RBM) continue to be the most commonly used system in the flat roof industry. Stoic Roofing & Construction install RBM across various industries, including education, retail, commercial, and the NHS. RBM is an ideal roofing system for both refurbishment and new build projects. 
While RBM has a reputation for being outdated, recent advances in technology have massively improved its performance, leading to warranties of 40+ years, the longest of any system available. 

As roofing experts, we can provide advice on implementing safe and robust RBM systems. Our solutions combine the practicality of RBM and the safety of hot air (no-flame) welded joints which helps to mitigate fire risks. 


Cold Applied Liquid waterproofing systems are gaining popularity in the UK roofing market. This system offers several advantages, thus making it a desirable choice for the majority of projects. 

At Stoic Roofing, we use our extensive experience with all roofing systems and manufacturers to provide expert guidance for your specific roof. We regularly assist clients in selecting the most appropriate products for their specific situations, ensuring that every solution is both practical, safe and affordable.


Single ply roofing systems continue to be among one of the most popular choices, particularly in the new build market. Favoured for its neat finishes and its ability to mimic standing seam roofs without the added weight. 

Despite its advantages, single ply roofs do have their drawbacks that should be considered before making a selection. The team at Stoic Roofing understand the pros and cons of every waterproofing system and provides unbiased opinions on each option, to ensure you choose the right system for your roof.

With our extensive experience and knowledge of current building regulations, the team at Stoic is well-equipped to guide you in selecting the best roofing system for your project.

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