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Stoic Roofing & Construction recognises and accepts the responsibility to:

  • protect the lives and the health of our employees;

  • ensure the safety of our clients and building occupiers;

  • safeguard plant and buildings; and

  • avoid adverse effects on the environment to satisfy prevailing legislation.

Accordingly, we have produced a Health & Safety policy.

Stoic Roofing & Construction will comply with all relevant legislation in regards to health and safety at work. The objective of the company is to ensure the avoidance of accidents and promotion of health and safety at all places where Stoic Roofing & Construction is in operation.

We also recognise the contribution that excellent Health & Safety practices have to the achievement of greater efficiency, higher quality work and a more motivated workforce. This is why we carry out ongoing Health & Safety monitoring throughout the life of every contract.

A full copy of our Health & Safety manual is available on request. This includes a full matrix of the Health & Safety training courses carried out by our Stoic Roofing & Construction workforce. 

Stoic Roofing & Construction provide a safe, efficient and professional service with a trained, competent workforce.

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