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Stoic Roofing can offer all cladding works including cladding replacement. Approved for numerous cladding systems, Stoic only works with the best providers to ensure the installation on your building is safe, durable and cost-effective.

Specialising in the commercial and industrial sectors, we work closely with our clients to develop plans, ensuring we understand their requirements and design needs, and minimise any disruption to their work.


With so many cladding systems to choose from, at Stoic we only work with the very best cladding providers. Vertical cladding offers a sleek and modern aesthetic to your building while protecting your building against the elements. We specialise in vertical cladding installation to both enhance the appearance and ensure durability. Our experienced team meticulously installs each panel, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless finish.


The Stoic Roofing team are versed in installing new cladding systems and being able to over-clad existing systems. With the team being able to install all roof cladding (horizontal classing) systems, we’re able to choose which cladding systems we work with. Ensuring all products we work with are safe, durable and stylish. Stoic Roofing offers a full roof design service, allowing us to fully design any roofing system including all detailing. This means we can consider each client's specific requirements and propose the best roof cladding system for them.

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