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A roof tile can be made out of different products and are historically made using locally sourced products but are more commonly made using concrete, clay and plastic. These are manufactured in numerous shapes and sizes although there are more common tiles used for new housing developments. These can incorporate roof lights, ventilation and solar panels where required and can be designed around complex shapes and designs.

Slate is a naturally occurring product which is commonly mined in Wales, China, Spain and Brazil and for a number of different uses, one of which is roofing slate. Slate is an extremely robust product and has excellent waterproofing properties due to its very low water absorption rate and subsequent resistance to frost damage.



At the Stoic Roofing & Construction group we specialise in roofing and re-roofing projects for listed buildings, buildings that have been identified as being of 'special architectural or historic interest' and as such is worthy of special protection. We can assure our clients that they will receive the full benefit of our knowledge and service that will provide complete management of any project regardless of size whether encompassing a complete re-roofing or general repairs to listed building roofs. We have an understanding and knowledge regarding the sensitivity of historical, listed buildings including the estates of the diocese, churches, historical hotels, meeting places and privately owned estates and individual character properties. The refurbishment of this type of property often requires the removal and salvage of the original traditional coverings for reuse and in some instances incorporating and supplementing with either reclaimed matching materials.

It is particularly important to regularly check roofs, chimney stacks, downpipes, gutters and external timber work and to repair any defects as soon as possible, in order to avoid more expensive repairs later. The use of the right materials and traditional building techniques is also important to retaining the special character of a building.

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