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Fixing the Roof




Stoic Roofing & Construction are at the forefront of the green and sustainable roofing industry, installing numerous green roofs around the country. As regulations change, sustainable roofing is becoming an increasingly prevalent factor, not only in new buildings but also when repairing and refurbishing old roofs. There are technical considerations to take into account when installing a green roof, and Stoic Roofing & Construction can help you choose the most suitable system and substrate for your green roof, as well as advise on the different types of green roof available.

Sustainable roofing doesn’t just mean putting a roof garden on top of the waterproofing, there are numerous options available in the market, including carbon neutralising cap sheets, increased levels of insulation including cut to fall schemes to alleviate ponding water and therefore moss and debris build up and Blue Roofs, which look to retain storm water and control the run off and are typically used in cities where drainage has to be planned and controlled.



Reinforced Bituminous Membranes (RBM) is the most common system used in the flat roof refurbishment market.
Stoic Roofing & Construction use RBM across all sectors, including education, retail, commercial and the NHS in both the refurbishment and new build markets. Although sometimes seen as an outdated product, advances in product technologies have revolutionised the product, leading to guarantees of 40+ years, the largest of any system. Although an extremely robust material, manufacturers often fail to take into consideration the fire risk associated with this type of product. Stoic Roofing & Construction can advise on safe and robust systems that have the practicality of a RBM combined with the safety of a hot air (no flame) welded joints at details that are considered a fire risk. Stoic Roofing & Construction have led the way on specifying safe and robust waterproofing systems, with particular care and attention paid to fire risks and can assist you in getting the best waterproofing system for your roof.



Cold Liquid Applied, fully reinforced waterproofing system for roofs. Cold Applied Liquid systems are becoming increasingly popular within the UK waterproofing market, particularly in the refurbishment sector. There are a number of key features that make cold applied liquids a desirable product, however, it isn’t always the most suitable product or the most economically advantageous solution to a clients waterproofing requirements. Stoic Roofing & Construction regularly assist clients in recommending the most suitable products for any given situation, given our vast experience with all major systems and manufacturers in the UK waterproofing market.



Structural waterproofing or hot melt is commonly used in the new build market, although not exclusively, and comprises 2 layers of hot melt which is then covered with a specified finish (Green Roof/ballast/paving etc) along with a protection layer between waterproofing and aesthetic finish. Stoic Roofing & Construction have installed some of the largest hot melt roofs in the UK as well as utilising it in the refurbishment sector to overcome detailing and technical issues. Although a very good product with roofs known to last in excess of 50 years, it requires large machinery to do entire roofs with Health & Safety considerations when transporting hot melt, which can be in excess of 200ºC. There are site specific practicalities that need to be considered before stipulating the use of Hot Melt, all of which Stoic Roofing & Construction can advise on.



Single ply continues to be one of the most popular systems in the UK, particularly in the new build market. Its neat finishes make it particularly popular with Architects, as it can also be used to mimic standing seam roofs without the structural weight of a typical standing seam roof. Although single ply has its advantages, it has certain drawbacks that need to be considered closely before choosing your system. There are pros and cons of any waterproofing system, and we can provide unbiased opinion of each and every system, allowing you to get the right system for your roof. EPDM is a synthetic rubber roofing system used worldwide. Although very popular in the USA, it is not as popular in the UK. As with single ply’s, it has many benefits and limitations and care should be taken before specifying any particular product.

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