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There are numerous different systems available in the UK, spanning a wide range of products, prices and quality. Stoic Roofing & Construction can assist in determining the best solution for your building, giving you options that best suit your needs. From uPVC overclad system through to complex and specialist bespoke systems, Stoic Roofing & Construction can make sure you have the best system for your needs.



Stoic Roofing & Construction install all major roof (horizontal) cladding systems and can advise on the most suitable solution for each scenario. As well as installing new cladding systems, Stoic Roofing & Construction can also over-clad an existing system, either with a new cladding profile or by installing a profiled insulation followed by either a single ply or RBM system. The practicality of each system is assessed on a job by job basis, and Stoic Roofing & Construction are more than happy to offer impartial advice on all roofing enquiries. Being an impartial advisor, Stoic Roofing & Construction can assess the optimum solution in any given scenario given our wide range of services and not try and fit a particular system into a situation where it is not suitable.

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